Saturday Night Live brought back one of its strongest recent alums, Bill Hader, this weekend, and while the show got a great Stefon update out of the deal, it didn't take full advantage of Hader's hosting gig. This quite solid Gossipy Coal Miner sketch was reportedly cut for time, but it might have been because Hader was about to crack up through the whole thing.

A little corpsing never hurt Stefon, though, and Hader's propensity for nearly losing it during sketches is part of his charm—even if he's not exactly proud of it and it doesn't make Lorne Michaels happy. I mean, you try saying "I ain't gettin' into nothin', except for my baybay carrots" without laughing. Can't be done.

SNL's still getting its shit together after a cast overhaul between seasons, but the only person who can replace Bill Hader is ... Bill Hader.

[h/t Uproxx]