"Have I got an investment for you," Bill Gates whispers, his eyes feverish with excitement. Or is it the poop water? Only time will tell.

Gates just released a YouTube video of himself sippin' on a cool one from a Janicki OmniProcessor: a self-contained sanitation device that makes clean water from poop. The machine takes in the "sludge"—as the company's CEO delicately terms it—then boils and burns it into electricity and drinking water.

But more importantly, a savvy investor can turn it into cash, too. You just plug it in, right, and bam! Rich forever. 'Cause shit never goes out of style, my friend.

The entrepreneur that owns this processor will get paid for the input—the sludge. And that same entrepreneur will get paid for the outputs—the electricity, the water, and the ash... It will grow to every corner of the earth that needs it, because it makes money every day.

"It's water," Gates says. He nods approvingly. More poop water please!