With one month left before New York City elects its next mayor, Democrat Bill de Blasio has achieved a fifty-point lead over Republican Joe Lhota. As the pollsters at Quinnipiac University put it: “Bill de Blasio's landslide is picking up speed in the New York City mayoral race and threatens to bury Republican Joseph Lhota 71 - 21 percent among likely voters.”

To contrast: Four years ago, Mayor Bloomberg narrowly beat his Democratic opponent at the time, Bill Thompson, by 4.4 percentage points. What was once a small gap in the electorate has grown into a yawning void.

Not everyone, of course, welcomes de Blasio’s ascent in the polls. On Tuesday—the same day the New York Police Chief’s Benevolent Association endorsed de Blasio—former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani accused the candidate of secretly hating the police:

“I think it comes more from this very left-wing ideology, which is an anti-police ideology,” the former mayor said of Mr. de Blasio’s support for limitations on police tactics such as stop, question and frisk.

“I mean, this guy’s been arrested a number of times. … Most of it shows an anti-establishment attitude, which means anti-police. This is a tough guy for the cops to say, ‘This guy’s got our back,’” he said.

Voting starts on November 5.