Last night Bill de Blasio defended a joke he made about “colored person time” by explaining the joke for people who didn’t understand how funny it was—a strategy as old as time.

The “joke,” as it were, was a play on the term “cp time,” or “colored people time,” which is used to indicate that a person is running late. De Blasio used the term onstage with Hillary Clinton and Hamilton actor Leslie Odom Jr. yesterday, providing a lead-in for Clinton to joke that in this particular case the term referred to “confused politician time.”

A very funny joke to de Blasio—people just must not get it, he apparently concluded.

“It was clearly a staged show, it was a scripted show. The whole idea was to do the counterintuitive,” de Blasio said on CNN. “Every actor involved, including Hillary Clinton and Leslie Odom Jr., thought it was a joke on a different convention, that was the whole idea of it, so I think people are missing the point here.”

Now that he’s explained it... huh. Still not funny.