Shawn Brown is the only woman Bill Cosby has admitted to having extramarital sex with on record: in 1997, he told Dan Rather, "If you said, 'Did you make love to the woman?' the answer is yes." In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Thompson details an alleged rape at Cosby's hands and claims that he fathered her daughter.

Brown—previously known as Shawn Thompson and Shawn Byers—told the National Enquirer nearly a decade ago that Cosby had raped her in 1973, "But nobody wanted to believe me then because it was the National Enquirer and we were talking about America's favorite father," she said. Brown also went on Inside Edition with rape allegations against Cosby last week. Her daughter, Autumn Jackson, has claimed Cosby is her father for even longer: in 1998, she was jailed after Cosby accused her of extorting him for $40 million to keep her story quiet.

Brown told the Mail she and Cosby carried on a consensual affair for several months, during which time they had sex "more than two and less than 10" times. One night, she said, he urged her to drink a scotch she believes was drugged:

'I had just turned 21 and I didn't drink alcohol. He said "try it, it tastes good". When I did, all I could taste was the alcohol, he kept saying: "Drink more, drink more." '

Brown said Cosby and Williams, who she said was a few years older than Cosby, shared a marijuana joint as the room started spinning. 'I told them I didn't want any but I took a puff — but like Clinton, I didn't inhale, I just blew it straight back out.'

The two men went to play pool and she watched. 'I was sitting in this wicker chair, hanging from the ceiling. It felt like I was sitting way up high in the corner, that's how loopy I was — I felt like I was floating.

'I was in another world, it was more than drowsy, I knew that any second I would be out cold.'

Brown said she woke up naked in Cosby's bed the next morning: "I knew I had had sex. My whole body ached. There was no place that was untouched." She believes Cosby allegedly drugged and raped her despite her willingness to have consensual sex because "I don't think I was freaky enough for him."

Brown is among the women to whom ex-NBC employee Frank Scotti claimed to give payouts on Cosby's behalf. She told the mail that Cosby sent a weekly $750 check after her daughter was born, and that's she's received gifts from him totaling about $250,000 over the years.

According to a CNN report from 1997, Cosby and Jerald Jackson, the man listed as father on Autumn Jackson's birth certificate, both submitted blood samples for a paternity test, but Autumn Jackson refused.

Brown firmly believes that Cosby is the father, and told the Mail that the comedian persuaded her to put Jackson's name on the certificate: "I remember having my period after I last had sex with Jerry, so I know Autumn wasn't his and there was no other man in my life."