Photo: @ivanolivo_/Twitter

According to reports, Bill Clinton was visibly disturbed today to learn that a teenager had stolen his face and switched it with another one.

The report first appeared on my grandma’s homepage,

“As I was talking [sic.] the selfie, he looked a little confused but went along with it,” college sophomore Ivan Olivio tells the website. “Afterwards, I put my phone down to add a caption and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and Bill asked me, ‘What did you do to my face?’”

What did you do to my face?

“I started sweating and tried to explain what face swap was but he still seemed angry,” Olivio said.


“One of his body guards backed me up and said that it’s just an app that the kids use nowadays,” Olivo said. “Bill looked at me, looked at the photo again, nodded, and kept taking photos with people.”

Maybe he nodded, but I don’t buy it. Bill Clinton still has no idea where his face went.