After Philip Caputo received a stare down from Shia LaBeouf at a random traffic light in Burbank last week, many demanded to know what the biker, who uploaded headcam footage of the startling encounter, might have done to earn the actor's ire.

Over the weekend, Caputo posted an extended video that offers a possible explanation: Prior to their bizarre exchange, Caputo brushed by LaBeouf's truck as he was lane splitting down the road.

Lane splitting, as it happens, is legal in California, something LaBeouf, who owns a motorcycle himself, probably knows.

Maybe Shia was just admiring Caputo's sweet ride.

Or maybe it's part of his method acting: LaBeouf is currently training for a role in a World War II film, and has been spotted around town wearing the exact same military-style outfit three times in a single week.

[H/T: Reddit]