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Collin Dewberry and Kelly Williams were picking up the check after eating at Big Earl's Restaurant in Pittsburg, Texas when their waitress told them: "We don't serve fags here." She went on to clarify: "Here at Big Earl's we like for men to act like men and for ladies to act like ladies, so we want you to never return." Turns out that's the restaurant's official bigoted policy.

The "we like for men to act like men and for ladies to act like ladies" part is actually posted on a piece of paper on the restaurant's window. Apparently, it is to be taken literally or, like this couple, you will suffer the consequences. Because it's a family restaurant, all right: the waitress is the restaurant owner's daughter. The bigotry runs in the family.

"I didn't go over there to inspect to see what he was rubbing. That's just not appropriate in a family restaurant that has a sign on the front door that we just don't do that here," restaurant owner Earl Cheney told KLTV. "She's a young lady, didn't know what else to say, and they just kept on and she finally said we just don't like fags."

Perhaps as beguiled as any decent human being would be at this boldfaced homophobia (even in the deeply evangelical east Texas), KLTV tried to offer Cheney an out, to which he just dug in his heels:

We asked him what a man should act like and what a woman should act like. He responded, "The same thing it says. That a man's supposed to stand up and be a leader. He's not supposed to be a woman. He's not supposed to come in here in a dress."

As it would happen, Big Earl's Restaurant's Facebook page has lit up with scathing reviews, but also with plenty voicing their support. Big Earl himself suggests any of you not calling out gay people as fags to hit the books:

My goodness, does anyone read or study? Big Earl has spent his life in the military to defend this country and will be happy to explain the constitution to you. Earl is well versed in the Bible and Christianity, has travelled the world and is well educated. It would have been nice for the full interview to have played in order to explain the background to what caused the incidence. The quote "we don't serve fags here" was never said, instead, after being badgered, the young lady said "We do not like fags". The behavior portrayed by the young couple was simply inappropriate and would have been considered so no matter what sexual orientation.

The restaurant is doing the supposedly "honorable" thing and is not deleting the comments and reviews of dissenters and definitely not those of supporters. From another post on their Facebook page:

No reviews have been deleted or hidden from this Facebook page by Big Earl's. There have been many written by a few people claiming to have been deleted, but none have been removed by this page.

In addition, we wish to add that the amount of support we have had has been greatly appreciated. The numerous phone calls received tonight from people that feel the same way we do has been outstanding. We have new customers due to the news story, and will continue to feel the same way.

Hopefully they didn't leave a tip.

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