America's most famous pregnant singer, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, has just posted a picture of herself styled as a beautiful pregnant sand monster en repose to Instagram. While pregnant with meaning, the image is unaccompanied by any caption, leaving the public to draw our own conclusions. Is Beyoncé pregnant? Is Beyoncé an ancient sand monster who takes human form to perform wicked deeds? The answer to the first question is almost certainly yes, as indicated by Gawker's prior coverage on the subject. The answer to the second question is also almost certainly yes.

Previously when buried completely in sand, Beyoncé was rendered as a sand monster with a flat stomach.

It is's official editorial wish, belief, and stance that Beyoncé is pregnant*.

*This information has yet to be officially confirmed by Beyoncé or her representatives in a medium other than sand.

[Image via Instagram]