Gawker believes that publicly airing rumors out is usually the quickest way to get to the truth. We also believe that Friday afternoons are a great time to share gossip with your friends.

Last week, we asked you all to share the best gossip you've heard lately. We've put some of the best and juiciest submissions below. But we want more. What gossip have you heard about politicians, athletes, businesses, celebrities? Leave the best in the comments, or email us at

We make every effort to track down and report out the rumors and gossip we hear, but for a variety of reasons we can't always nail them the way we'd like. So let's acknowledge that we can't vouch for the veracity or truth of the rumors we'll be sharing here—but maybe you can.

Here, the best rumors submitted in the comments last week:

Rumor: US Weekly was aware of but didn’t run a story about Ben Affleck cheating on Jennifer Garner.

I heard a rumor that Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Garner with Blake Lively back when they were shooting The Town. US Weekly knew about it but Ben and Jen are a source and give them pics (like their cute family ones) so they didn’t print the story. — LadySF

Rumor: George Clooney propositions men at parties for sex.

George Clooney is voracious about sex, and has really weird, kinky appetites for both men and women. Let’s see ... He has approached hot men at parties to ask if they will have sex with him while his girlfriend watches. He has had bondage parties with multiple men. He likes having sex with large black men. — Lax-PAT

Rumor: Russell Brand didn’t wear shoes at a Soho restaurant.

Best rumor I heard this week? A barefoot Russell Brand at The Mercer Kitchen on Tuesday evening. Sadly no pics. — UncleCCClaudius

Rumor: Dane Cook secretly dated a guy.

So, I was working on a video project with this producer, we were discussing celeb endorsements, and he recommends Dane Cook. I ask him how he knew Dane Cook and he said they dated on and off for a few years. ... When I asked why this isn’t common knowledge that Dane Cook is gay, he replied, “He sure as hell doesn't hide it.” — John Ames

Rumor: Congressman Mark Sanford has a new, secret love interest.

Remember a few weeks ago when Mark Sanford blamed his ex-wife Jenny Sanford for ruining his relationship with that Argentinean lady who was his mistress? He’s actually got a new lady love in Savannah. — ParahSalin

Rumor: Beyoncé has a semi-rude assistant.

[My flight attendant friend] was flying Beyoncé and her assistant. She said something like, “Ms. Knowles, can [I] get you something to drink?” To which the assistant, who was sitting next to Beyoncé, said “You can ask ME what she would like.” — Even though the assistant was seated in the window seat and Beyoncé was in the aisle, right next to her. So then she’s like, “Ok, can I get Ms. Knowles something to drink” and the assistant says, out loud, “Ms. Knowles would you like something to drink.” You get the picture. — yidadzinasol

Rumor: Laura Ingraham had an affair with David Ignatius.

Best one I heard this week goes back a few years: Laura Ingraham had a lengthy affair with David Ignatius, who’d said his marriage was dead and that he’d officially end it for Laura. When he didn’t, she went all Fatal Attraction on him. This story was shared after many drinks, so I’m forgetting what exactly she did, only recall it was shocking enough that I was surprised the gossip had never seeped out. Seems like it may’ve had something to do with human excrement, but I might be conflating with an unrelated WaPo anecdote. — warbabe

Rumor: Taylor Swift doesn’t actually date people.

Taylor Swift doesn’t actually date celebrities. They are all pre-arranged for publicity. She dates people on the down-low who are not famous. The celebrities get the benefit of publicity and pretending that they fucked Taylor Swift. — Lax-PAT

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