Who cares that bunch of bugs are eating northern Texas alive? You do, because they're called hackberry nipple-gall maker insects.

Millions of the best-named bugs ever have swarmed the northern portion of the Lone Star State in an effort to stay warm as temperatures continue to drop. Residents report that the hackberry nipple-gall makers are coating houses and cars, and they're burrowing inside through whatever cracks they can find. Hackberry nipple-gall makers are pretty harmless, but in large droves they can be pretty disgusting.

"It's just uncomfortable," said one victim to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. "You can't get in your car. They in your ears, your hair and your clothes, and it's just uncomfortable. There are millions of them."

We may have been mistaken in our excitement over the hackberry nipple-gall maker. Awesome though the name is, you should probably avoid a sightseeing trip to Texas. Although if they're already a problem in your house, experts have a simple solution: just "vacuum them up."

[image via University of Minnesota]