AirBnB’s new advertising slogan is “Is Mankind?” Dumb as hell. Give me a break. There are many better slogans courtesy of the staff.

Slogans by Dayna Evans

“Is Beetlejuice? Watch out”

“Art No one? Yeah Me Too
Surfboards For Sale
these are all good”

“Rent a House for Sex”

“People Are Inherently Evil”

“Our Logo is A Paperclip Vagina”

“can you make sure to put mine in there
Airbnb: It’s Not Your House”

Slogans by Kelly Conaboy

“airbnb: Maybe there will be a minifridge with water bottles that you don’t have to pay for unlike in a hotel where you have to pay for them”

“airbnb: I stayed in an airbnb and there was a hammock and a hot tub”

“airbnb: they will give you a hard time if you don’t already have an airbnb rating, but how are you supposed to get an airbnb rating if no one will loan you their apartment”

Slogans by Jordan Sargent

“Airbnb: There’s probably still cum everywhere, just fyi”

Slogans by Hamilton Nolan

“airbnb: Stay in someone’s apartment instead of a hotel room, it could save you money. Check it out and see if it does.”

“airbnb: Adding to the existing stock of lodging in areas popular with travelers.

“airbnb: Ever wondered what other people’s apartments look like on the inside? Now you can find out, by renting them online.”

Slogans by Sam Biddle

I stayed in an airbnb in austin and it was a fucking dump, smelled bad and it was dusty, so I ate the girls’ frozen pizzas
and left a BAD REVIEW”

Slogans by Taylor Berman

“I love airbnb”

[Now all the comments will just be your own ideas for slogans, because you don’t even care about us—only about yourself. A sad way to live. Photo via.]