Photo: AP

On Thursday, Bernie Sanders’ wife promised to make make more years of the couple’s tax returns public on the condition that Hillary Clinton release transcripts of speeches she made to Wall Street banks.

“You know, what’s interesting is we released the 2014 [tax return],” said Jane Sanders when pressed on her finances by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “Clinton hasn’t released a transcript yet, so why don’t we wait and see what happens?”

In the past few months, Bernie Sanders has repeatedly called upon Clinton to release transcripts of three speeches she was paid $675,000 to give to Goldman Sachs. In response to the request for transparency, Clinton asked Sanders to release his personal tax records. From Politico:

Bernie Sanders disclosed his 2014 tax returns earlier this month after promising to do so during the April 14 debate. Days later, Dana Bash asked him on CNN if he would release his returns from the last eight years like Clinton did.

“We made less money in a given year than Secretary Clinton made in one speech,” he said on April 17. “Jane and I don’t have a bunch of accountants working for us. We will get it out.”

When Bash pushed him, Sanders said he would “probably” release the rest in a week’s time.

Time, however, might be something the Sanders campaign is running out of.