Photo: AP

Bernie Sanders will “reassess” his candidacy if he loses tonight, though his campaign says he fully intends to stay in the race until the end, which is what everyone says, until they don’t.

According to the New York Times, Sanders campaign senior strategist Tad Devine said a whole bunch of nonsense before admitting that Sanders’ performance tonight in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania will more-or-less determine his future in the race.

“If we are sitting here and there’s no sort of mathematical way to do it, we will be upfront about that,” Tad Devine, Mr. Sanders’s senior strategist, said in an interview. “If we have a really good day, we are going to continue to talk about winning most of the pledged delegates because we will be on a path toward it. If we don’t get enough today to make it clear that we can do it by the end, it’s going to be hard to talk about it. That’s not going to be a credible path. Instead, we will talk about what we intend to do between now and the end and how we can get there.”

Both Devine and Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs explicitly tell the Times Sanders intends to stay in the race through the convention.

(That’s what Marco Rubio said too.)