About an hour ago, Bernie Sanders was in the middle of of speaking at a rally in Birmingham when he heard a crash off to the side of the stage. Visibly distraught, Bernie gasps, “Oh my god!” and rushes to the man’s aid. Which leaves us with one, glaring question—Bernie, what are you hiding?

Taken at face value, the complete abandonment of his careful appeal to voters for the sake of one man’s well-being might be seen as the sort of refreshing sincerity that’s so rare in politics these days. Sort of like when he rushed to an MSNBC reporter’s aid this past October:

Looked at a little more carefully, though, we have to ask ourselves—what exactly was Bernie going to do to help this man? Is he trained in CPR? How did he act so quickly—almost as though he knew it was coming?

Which isn’t to say that Bernie or anyone in his campaign somehow perpetrated this man’s fainting spell to serve ulterior motives, of course. We’re just asking questions.

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