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Fresh off his New Hampshire victory, Bernie Sandwiches joined the women of The View to talk politics, taste the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream named after him, Bernie’s Yearning, for the first time (he likes it!), and, most enjoyably, to gossip about his fellow Presidential hopefuls.

In her most useful contribution to society thus far, Candace Cameron Bure asked Sanders to say “one nice thing” about his fellow candidates. To Sanders, John Kasich is an “old friend,” which is a fact not a compliment, but whatever. Sanders called Hillary Clinton “intelligent.” On the subject of Trump, Sanders dragged his feet until he came up with “humble,” which is just sarcasm. On Ted Cruz, he said, “OK...great gowns, beautiful gowns.” Just kidding. Sanders called Cruz “loud,” which Cameron Bure pointed out is not “nice,” but she accepted as an answer nonetheless because it’s correct.