You heard of this fella, Bernie Madoff? Runs some sort of money management place in Midtown. Great guy to work for. The best. If you're job-hunting, that is absolutely the man you wanna work for.

Yesterday, Charlene White, who processed checks in Madoff's office, told a jury just how freewheeling ol' Bernie was with the company credit card. You know how some bosses are all, "Turn in your receipts," and "Hey, was that trip to Vegas really 'business-related,' considering the amount you spent on strippers?" Not Bernie! From Bloomberg:

Bernard Madoff was generous to his employees and didn’t have policies in place for corporate credit cards used by executives to pay for family vacations and thousands of dollars worth of wine, a jury was told.

There wasn’t an obvious business purpose for many charges, including trips to Disney World and Las Vegas, that Madoff’s securities firm paid each month

White even testified that "no expenses were ever turned down." Ever! All you cheapskate bosses out there pinching pennies and refusing to let your hardworking employees expense thousands of dollars worth of booze could really learn something from Bernie Madoff.

Why worry? It's just other people's money.

[Bloomberg. Photo: AP]