Jimmy Fallon's recurring Tonight Show games, like beer pong and musical impressions, are pretty reliable, but only because he doesn't overuse them—he has to mix it up by introducing new ways to torture his guests. Or, in the case of last night's new game, his audience.

"Three Word Stories" with Benedict Cumberbatch starts out smoothly enough: Fallon only has to say 6 words to get Cumby to guess "unicorn." But then it's Fallon's turn to guess "booty," and everything goes completely off the rails.

He cannot do it. It is painful to watch him try. The saving grace of the segment is that it was mercifully time-limited by commercial breaks and followed by a Fallon-as-Bono chaser.

At least Cumberbatch didn't have to say "penguin." They could've been there all night.

[Via YouTube]