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Earlier today, current non-Trump GOP frontrunner Ben Carson went on Fox and Friends to complain about President Obama’s “politicizing” of the Oregon shooting tragedy. And as with all of Ben Carson’s interviews—he probably would have been better off staying home.

The retired neurosurgeon started off innocuously enough, hitting his party’s beloved if deeply misguided “gun laws don’t stop guns” talking points: “If you can show me how [Hillary’s gun control plan] is going to stop these things, I’m willing to listen to it. Anything that they’ve proposed doesn’t stop any of this.

Then Fox’s Brian Kilmeade asked if, like Obama, Carson would would still travel to visit victims’ families despite some residents protests of grandstanding, to which Carson replied all too casually:

Probably not. I mean, I would probably have so many things on my agenda that I would go to the next one.

So Carson doesn’t have faith in any sort of regulation to stop the massacres that that have become all too routine in this country, nor does he apparently believe that anything can stop them ever.

At one point in the interview, Carson notes that “we need to be studying these individuals so we can figure out who is the dangerous person, so we can intervene.”

Well, Dr. Carson, with that sort of complacency in the face of tragedy, it would seem that one of those dangerous people is you.

You can watch the full Fox & Friends segment below.

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