Photo: AP

On Monday former presidential candidate and current Donald Trump cheerleader Dr. Ben Carson admitted to a conservative reporter what had been obvious from the start: He was persuaded to support Donald Trump because Trump promised him a role in his administration.

In fact, Carson said, in an interview with NewsMax’s Steve Malzberg, that he had originally intended to back someone else.

“I didn’t see a path for Kasich, who I like, or for Rubio, who I like. As far as Cruz is concerned, I don’t think he’s gonna be able to draw independents and Democrats, unless has has some kind of miraculous change,” Carson explained. “Is there another scenario that I would have preferred? Yes. But that scenario isn’t available.”

“Okay, with one of the other candidates you mean?” Malzberg asked.

“Yes,” Carson said.

But that all changed, Carson says, when Trump made him an offer he decided not to refuse.

“He does love America. And he does want to be successful. And he will surround himself with very good people,” Carson said.

“And will one of them be Dr. Ben Carson?” asked Malzberg.

“I will be doing things as well, yes,” Carson confirmed. “Certainly in an advisory capacity.”

“That’s been determined? When you sat down with him that was discussed?” Malzberg asked.

“Yes,” Carson said. “We haven’t hammered out all the details, but it is very important that we work together to save this country... Again, I’m not going to reveal any details about it right now because all of this is still very liquid.”

As ThinkProgress points out, it is illegal for a candidate to promise “the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.”

Just speculation, but I’m guessing Attorney General is already off the table.