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Ben Carson’s campaign admits he doesn’t have a shot in hell at winning the GOP primary but won’t rule out a literal miracle making it happen.

“Well, we clearly don’t know. We don’t have a well defined path to victory,” Carson campaign chairman Bob Dees told the Washington Examiner Tuesday. “But we think the opportunity still exists for people to wake up and that’s what we’re hoping.”

Especially while people are still donating to his campaign.

More interesting than Carson’s abject refusal to quit a race he knows he won’t win are the alleged bribes donors have been throwing his way in an effort to get him out of the race before Super Tuesday.

“That’s been very tangible. It’s been several... two groups of billionaire types of folks that have pressured him,” Dees said. “People that drive super PAC activity and other endeavors and, in fact, there was even discussion of a, well, we can help with the Florida [U.S.] Senate seat if he’ll just agree to do what we’d like you to do or support our guy, drop out, etc.”

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