Image via AP.

Ben Carson finally explained what’s keeping him in the presidential race: It’s money.

In a Fox News op-ed, Carson—who keeps coming in last in the primaries—says he’ll continue campaigning as long people want to keep funding his operations.

“It is a fundamentally undemocratic response to insinuate that people should be stripped of their choice ‘for the good of the party,’” Carson writes. “That’s why I’ve vowed to continue our campaign as long as we have revenue and support, until the people have decided.”

It’s an interesting point for Carson to make while running a campaign that has been a lucrative, if not successful, endeavor for many involved. (His campaign, structured not unlike a direct-mail fundraising scheme, pays its employees generously, whether they are qualified for their job titles or not.)

“With every call to drop out, pundits and political operatives salivate over polling percentages — as though the people they represent were commodities to be bought and bartered in the backrooms of D.C.’s exclusive political clubs,” Carson, who has literally spent millions of donors’ dollars on attracting new donors, writes unironically. “The commoditization of the electorate is precisely what drove me into this race.”

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