At a speech in Nashville on Sunday, Dr. Ben Carson, an adorably ambitious antique bread machine, articulated again his rejection of evolution, with all the easy eloquence we’ve come to expect.

Take it away, doc:

“They say, ‘Carson, ya know, how can you be a surgeon, a neurosurgeon, and believe that God created the Earth, and not believe in evolution, which is the basis of all knowledge and all science?’,” Carson said during his second speech.

“Well, you know, it’s kind of funny. But I do believe God created us, and I did just fine. So I don’t know where they get that stuff from, ya know? It’s not true. And in fact, the more you know about God, and the deeper your relationship with God, I think the more intricate becomes your knowledge of the way things work, including the human body.”

So, right, Ben Carson is a creationist. But what does that really mean? If Ben Carson—a surgeon, a man of science—doesn’t believe in evolution, why not? What does Ben Carson know that the entire rest of the scientific world doesn’t?

For answers to these important questions, we turn to noted Ben Carson expert Ben Carson, circa 2011.

This speech is great from start to finish, and you should get some popcorn and a soda and sit and watch the whole thing. In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to a few choice moments.

  • 0:37 — Humans have big frontal lobes because we, alone, were created in the image of God, who also has a pretty big frontal lobe, you know
  • 3:30 — Those who believe in evolution will have less guilt about being cannibals, should the situation arise
  • 4:00 — Evolution is scientific political correctness, Mr. Darwin, you Social Justice Warrior
  • 11:20 — “Extrapulations”
  • 24:20 — No one has ever demonstrated one species changing to another species, so unless you’ve found the fossilized remains of the elusive Lizard Man, you can keep your bogus “evolution”

For the sake of expediency, here are some quotes, via

“I submit that changes can occur within a species. But is that a sign of evolution, or is it a sign of an intelligent creator who gave his creatures the ability to adapt to their environment so he wouldn’t have to start over every 50 years? You know, that sounds much more intelligent than anything else.”


“And no one has ever demonstrated one species changing to another species. This should be, if it’s true, a continual evolving. So we should be able to find intermediate species at any given point in time. We should be able to find how they line up.”


“Darwin said his whole theory depended on the fossil remains. He said we should be able to line up from a single-cell organism to man, several miles long and just walk right down the fossil trail and see how everything evolved. He said the only reason they didn’t have the fossils was because they were not geologically sophisticated enough, but that we would be in 50 to 100 years. Well, that was 150 years ago. We still haven’t found them. Where are they? Where are the fossil remains?

“When you ask the evolutionists about that, they say, ‘Uh, I don’t know where they are, they’re somewhere, they are, we just haven’t found them yet.’ That’s a pretty lame excuse, to be honest with you.”

Dr. Ben Carson, out here in these streets, waiting for someone to show him Ape Man—lower body of a man, upper body of an ape, natch—and evidently completely unaware of the existence of museums. And the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

Share your favorite moments from Dr. Carson’s speech in the comments. There are so many.

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Image edited from an AP photo