Apparently responding to Donald Trump’s latest Twitter dalliance with barely-veiled anti-Semitism, Dr. Ben Carson, the Trump campaign’s underminer-in-chief, subtly suggested that the candidate maybe should be “careful” about courting the neo-Nazi vote.

This weekend, Trump tweeted an image accusing Hillary Clinton of being the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” emblazoned with a Star of David—or sheriff’s badge, depending on who you ask—on a background of cash. The image was previously featured on the white supremacist 4chan board /pol/, and apparently came to the Trump campaign via a Twitter user who dabbled in updated Nazi iconography.

“Social media provides a great platform for discourse,” Carson tweeted (falsely, as it happens), “but we must be careful with the messages we send out.”

Previous messages that Carson has sent out into the world include the notion that Obamacare is “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery” and that prison makes people gay.