Ben Carson—neurosurgeon, presidential candidate, and alleged sponge-fumbler—has repeatedly warned that America could go the way of Nazi Germany if people “keep their mouths shut” and don’t “stand up.” His campaign manager doesn’t necessarily disagree, he just wishes the candidate would stop trying to make political points by bringing up Hitler.

“It’s an example [Carson] has been using for years and to be honest with you he needs to find a better example because the problem is as soon as you say Hitler, nobody hears anything else you say,” Carson Campaign Manager Barry Bennett told ABC News.

“The example is too powerful perhaps,” Bennett added, “I think that he will find other ways to say the exact same thing.”

Carson hasn’t really shown that he thinks he needs a new analogy, though. He used the example during two campaign stops Wednesday, in North Carolina and New Hampshire.

“You know, I think back to Nazi Germany — and I know the politically correct police say you are not allowed to say Nazi Germany but I am going to say it anyway because I don’t care what they say,” Carson began in New Hampshire, before delivering the latest iteration of his “Hitler could happen here” thesis.

And by the way, he added, when he says stuff like “I mean, if people don’t speak up for what they believe, then other people will change things without them having a voice. That’s what I mean. That’s what facilitated [Hitler’s] rise,” he doesn’t mean that the leader of the current government, the person he implying his audience should stand up to, Barack Obama, is Hitler.

He just means that Hitler could theoretically happen here. Hitler could be anywhere. And when Hitler shows his weasely, mustachioed little face again, you’d better be ready. You’d better not be quietly sitting down. Because Hitler is real, and Hitler could be anyone—he’s not saying President Obama, but even President Obama.

[ABC News. Photo: AP Images]