Ben Affleck appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher last night, along with Nicholas Kristof, Michael Steele, and author Sam Harris, where he clashed with both Harris and Maher about what Harris calls the "meme of Islamophobia."

Maher and Harris argue that liberals should criticize the aspects of Islam—which Harris deems "mother lode of bad ideas"—that clash with their beliefs without fear of seeming Islamophobic. Affleck, however, argues that Harris and Maher are painting a broad and racist picture of Islam that doesn't apply to all of its practitioners. "It's like saying," Affleck says, "'Oh, you shifty Jew.' "

Later, between bouts of yelling interrupted every so often with statistics, Affleck adds, "Your argument is 'black people, you know, they shoot each other.'"

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[h/t TheHollywoodReporter]