Ben Affleck was banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas for counting cards, claim sources at multiple outlets.

Affleck, who took home $800,000 from the same casino in 2001, was approached by security on suspicion of the legal-but-frowned-upon practice of counting cards. The casino reportedly allowed him to stay and play other games, and even ordered a car to take him back to his hotel at the end of the night. The source added, "The hotel was really nice to him."

Nice as the hotel may have been, it didn't stop them from banning him from their blackjack table for life. He was reportedly deemed an advantage player and was asked to leave the table for being "too good at the game."

Huh. Maybe security just got flustered from being around such a big time celeb, though? "You are too good at this game, my man! My Batman! Ar-get outta here!"

[Image credit: Getty]