Bees: winged bombs of fiery poison; bright invaders from above; nectar thieves with barbs of fury. We are saddened to report to you that our call for a War on Bees has gone unheeded, and—as a predictable result—Americans have died.

As our blind president and do-nothing Congress while away their summer lazily swatting mosquitoes and bombing Iraq, the real "air power" threat goes unpunished. The Wall Street Journal draws our attention to a new Labor Department report which brings the truth of the matter into shocking numerical clarity: "Although not often associated with injuries and deaths at the workplace, insects, arachnids, and mites were involved in 83 fatal occupational injuries from 2003 to 2010. The majority of these workplace deaths were due to bee stings."

Bees are now more deadly to hardworking Americans than even mites. Think about that as you enjoy your after-golf cigar, Barack Obama.

Between the years of 2003-2010—oft referred to as "The Golden Age" of American insect assault—52 of our fellow citizens died from bee stings while on the job. By contrast, zero Americans died as a result of education—and yet our government spends countless billions operating an entire "Department of Education," while a diligent search for a "Department of Protecting Americans from Bees" will turn up absolutely nothing.

We now formally renew our call for an immediate and unrestrained War on Bees. Burn their hives; poison their air; incinerate the flowers that give them refuge. Eschew honey—it is a symbol of the enemy.

Kill them before they kill us (at work).

[Photo: Flickr]