Meet the new King of Wales, Will Williams. He recently consumed an entire bottle of Jack Daniel's in just shy of 15 seconds, which, I'm given to understand, entitles him to some kind of sword-in-the-stone style claim on the monarchy that supersedes the current hereditary system. And makes Wales independent, for some reason. Congratulations/sorry, Wales!

The Sun called his royal highness a "stag do idiot" and a "MORON," but this is incorrect. WillWillz, as he shall probably be known by the royal-chasing U.K. tabloid press, is an engineer. On Twitter, he explained how he completed the feat using a straw and some basic fluid dynamics.

"I was fine, for about an hour," the 27-year-old regal man-beast told the Sun, "I was pretty much instantly hammered. I carried on and stayed out until 3am the following morning. My mates were astonished."

May his reign be a wise and prudent one (although that seems very, very unlikely).

[h/t BuzzFeed]