Gemma Worrall, a beautician from Blackpool, England, took to Twitter this week to air her grievances against "our president Barraco Barner" for getting involved in Russia. What happened next won't surprise you at all, not even a little bit.

The offending tweet has since been retweeted over 6,000 times. Here's a screengrab of Worrall exchanging political lessons with a companion in Blackpool.

The result of the media attention (her gaffe has been covered in The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, and The Huffington Post, among others) on the young politico has taken its inevitable toll. Worrall shifted early this week from lighthearted confusion about the response to deep questioning over the meaning of life.

It all began on March 2nd, before the inspiring tweet was ever shared.

If only Worrall had known that her fluctuating taste for peas could never compare to what was up next.

Or does she appreciate it?

A classic diversion tactic:

Worrall prepares her family's future.

By the next day, it was still unclear if Worrall knew that Barraco Barner was neither president of the U.K., nor the U.S.

Existential questioning began to settle in within only a day's time.

And just as fast, Worrall's life returned back to normal.

There's been no official response yet from real U.S. president Barack Obama, nor a contributing statement from the U.K.'s Prime Minster Dayvick Enron. Perhaps John Travolta has some thoughts?

[Images via AP/Huffington Post]