"Most high" American president Baracks Obama has spent much of his second term flaunting his ability to disrespect this great nation at home and abroad. It seems that "his highness" is even too good to play real American sports any more. More champagne, your excellency?

The crazy thing is that this fella got elected by the American people—twice. How did it happen? My theory: Brack Obama fooled us all for many years with a sophisticated "everyman" act, based upon his warm smile, cigarette addiction, and habit of playing basketball on the weekends. Basketball, a true American sport that many of us have played or at least pretended to play in our suburban driveways, dreaming those "Hoop Dreams" of making it to the big stage like John Stockton, Mark Price, and Craig Ehlo. We could relate to this man, this Obama, who liked to shoot and pass around the old basketball, just like we did, on occasion. Three pointer—good! He was one of us.

That has all been exposed as a cruel facade. As soon as His Majesty was elected to his final term in office, what did he do? He stopped playing basketball and began playing golf all the time, like the liberal elite that he is. Great basketball players like Jerry West, Jeff Hornacek, and Kurt Rambis inspired entire generations. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods fucked a lot of waitresses in the back of his sport utility vehicle. Is that the choice that Barak Obama wants for our youth? Actions speak louder than words, sir.

Nobody has written more incisively on the big sellout that is Obama's golf habit than Edward Alden, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who takes to the pages of the Washington Post today with a vital screed not on something boring, like "the Ukrane," but instead with a message far more important: "Obama needs to forget golf and bring back his basketball hustle."

Basketball demands all of the qualities that make a good leader. Golf undermines them...

Every sport instills and rewards certain personality traits. In basketball, the most important are hustle, determination and teamwork, which — believe me — get harder when you get older and are playing with twenty- and thirty-somethings. Sure, every now and then I still get a hot hand and drain three or four long shots in a row. But most of the time I don't make those shots. Instead, I have to just work hard, grab rebounds, play tough defense, hustle up the court on fast breaks and make sure I hit my open teammates with passes. In basketball, these things make a difference — a steal or a key offensive rebound can turn the game around. Trying harder matters. Golf is the opposite. For players of modest abilities (such as the president and myself), effort and determination are worse than useless.

I'd call that expert testimony. And America is waiting... and waiting...and waiting for the White House's response. So far? Nothing. I would chalk this up as just another instance of blatant disrespect of the press and the people they represent by a president who believes himself to be "above the law." But I'll give Barack Obam the benefit of the doubt this time—he's probably just out playing golf! (Not basketball.)

[What are your golf clubs made out of, Mr. President—American flags, treated rudely? Photo: AP]