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In this golden age of Obama giving nary a fuck about anything at all, the president took some time out of his playdate with Smallville understudy Justin Trudeau to give his new standup routine a spin. The highlight of which was, of course, poking fun at a birther movement that (finally) had nothing to do with him.

From yesterday evening’s White House pool report on the state dinner with Canada:

“Where else could a boy born in Calgary grow up to run for president of the United States?” Obama jokingly commends Canada for having rejected a wall along the Southern border.

Obama is, of course, referring to Donald Trump’s insistence that Ted Cruz is ineligible for the presidency because of his Canadian roots. But Cruz wasn’t Obama’s only target—Justin Bieber was also the target of some choice words from the President:

Referencing singer Justin Bieber, POTUS said Trudeau in America may well be “the most popular Canadian named Justin.”

Overall, a terribly embarrassing night to be either Ted Cruz or Justin Bieber. Or put another way, just another night.

[h/t Weekly Standard]

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