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This month’s Businessweek interview with Barack Obama had a lot of insight into the president’s thinking. Not all of it was encouraging.

BW: What industries would you think about going into?

[Obama]: Well, you know, it’s hard to say. But what I will say is that—just to bring things full circle about innovation—the conversations I have with Silicon Valley and with venture capital pull together my interests in science and organization in a way I find really satisfying. You know, you think about something like precision medicine: the work we’ve done to try to build off of breakthroughs in the human genome; the fact that now you can have your personal genome mapped for a thousand bucks instead of $100,000; and the potential for us to identify what your tendencies are, and to sculpt medicines that are uniquely effective for you. That’s just an example of something I can sit and listen and talk to folks for hours about.

Barack you could own a basketball team WHILE being on the Supreme Court. What the hell is wrong with you man.