A court in Germany this week was asked to rule on the case of a banker from Hesse who reportedly fell asleep on his keyboard, accidentally transferring millions of the bank's euros to a temporarily lucky customer.

The overworked clerk was tasked with paying out a quotidian sum of 64.20 euros ($85.26) to a client, but "fell asleep for an instant" mid-transaction right on the number 2 key.

The power nap resulted in the transfer of 222,222,222.22 euros ($295,133,333.33) into the customer's bank account.

The clerk's supervisor somehow missed the error, and allowed the transaction to go through.

Though the error was quickly caught and corrected, the supervisor was still terminated for neglecting to catch it in time.

The labor court, however, ruled that the 48-year-old, an employee of the bank for the past 27 years, was wrongfully terminated, and ordered her immediate reinstatement.

No word on what became of the clerk.

[photo via Shutterstock]