When The Dark Knight Rises came to Pittsburgh back in 2011, a couple found their wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral taking place in the shadow of a necessary evil: Tom Hardy as Bane. The ceremony took place so close to the set that Gotham's reckoning even waved to the bridesmaids between takes.

A lot of people saw the photo for the first time on Reddit this week, but the wedding was big local news in Pittsburgh when it happened, especially because the groom was WPXI sports reporter Rich Walsh (now at KDKA.)

Here's Walsh's story about how his wedding came to collide with the Dark Knight shooting schedule, and how he and his wife, Michele, ended up taking wedding photos on Batman's Tumbler:

And this is a video from the Tumbler that Walsh tweeted this week:

Rich and Michele were especially lucky because this happened during peak Dark Knight hysteria, when fans were freaking out over every new photo of the Batmobile or Bane's costume.

The fight scene being filmed that day disrupted the proceedings a little bit—"there were explosions and gunfire on the street," according to one witness—but it doesn't sound like the couple is complaining.

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