A substitute homeroom teacher in Seoul was recently terminated for allegedly masturbating in front of high school students after allegedly hitting one of them for listening to music in class.

[There was a video here]

The 55-year-old, identified only as Mr. A, had apparently become upset after one student in his self-studying class refused to remove his earphones upon request.

He then proceeded to "severely beat" the student, as well as possibly another student, while the rest of the class quickly fled the room.

Mr. A followed the students out into the hallway, where he reportedly removed his pants and began masturbating in front of a classroom full of female students.

When confronted later about his behavior, Mr. A claimed he was merely holding on to his pants "because they were falling down," but a video recorded by one of the students and uploaded to several social networking sites forced him to admit he was being indecent.

The local police department released a statement following the incident saying Mr. A remains in custody, but "does not appear to have any mental problems."

Nonetheless, the Seoul Department of Education says it took immediate steps to sever their working relationship with Mr. A, and are currently in the process of taking legal action.

South Korea's leading newspaper The Dong-a Ilbo blames the incident on a "loose screening process."

According to the paper, a sharp increase in demand for substitute teachers across the country has led schools to hire "unqualified temporary teachers" in lieu of properly trained subs.

[H/T: Guyism, video via Pandora TV]