The only person who’s been able to humanize Megyn Kelly, a woman who once got into an argument on Fox News about whether Santa Claus is white, is Donald Trump, who dislikes her because she is a woman. The two will spar for our entertainment one more time during the January 28th GOP debate.

According to Politico’s Hadas Gold, the other Two Stooges are reprising their “moderator” roles as well:

Since none of the candidates are willing to answer questions or discuss policy matters in any serious detail, the best we can hope for is Megyn Kelly asking Trump some pointed things about his frothing misogyny and then him saying how the freakin’ PC police can stop bustin’ his balls, and everyone in the audience will go WOAHHHH-OHHH!!!!! again.

But no matter what, resist the urge to let Worst Human (Trump) make Relatively Better Human (Kelly) seem Good—because she is still very, very wrong and bad.

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