Fraternities in America have spent 2015 more or less acting as if the rules of law and decency do not apply to them. Of course, this is not without reason: for much of the last 200 or so years, our fraternities have been granted a unique pass that has treated their singular incubation of poisonous masculinity as a net positive for society.

Recently, though, that has begun to change. With a collective microscope being turned on their swarming petri dish, fraternities have been forced to reckon with their actions in very public ways. Still, no amount of press conferences or negative headlines have stopped the men inside fraternities from happily practicing any and all forms of abuse. With this post, we aim to keep track of it all.

Some stories—like the Oklahoma University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter being thrown off campus for reciting a racist chant—make national headlines, but others—such as Sigma Chi getting suspended at the University of Houston for hazing—may not. Regardless, we will chronicle every fraternity indiscretion here as a way of tabulating the physical and mental havoc wrought by the Y-chromosome'd wing of the Greek system.

Below you will find two things. First is a tabulation of which schools and fraternity organizations have dealt with multiple instances or accusations of wrongdoing this year. Next, is the full list of incidents from 2015.

If we have left any incidents off, let us know in the comments or by email. If you see a story at any point as 2015 continues, please email or me directly at so that the post can be updated.

Bad Frat Leaderboard


Cal Poly (4)
North Carolina State (2)


Kappa Sigma (2)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2)


School: Dartmouth University
Chapter: Alpha Delta

Accusation: Pledge's ass infected after branding
Punishment: Chapter suspended

School: North Carolina State
Chapter: Pi Kappa Phi

Accusation: Keeping notebook of racist and sexist jokes
Punishment: Chapter disbanded and kicked off campus

School: Penn State University
Chapter: Kappa Delta Rho

Accusation: Circulating photos of nude, passed out women in a private Facebook group
Punishment: Chapter suspended for one year

School: University of Houston
Chapter: Sigma Chi

Accusation: Hazing
Punishment: Chapter temporarily suspended by national organization and school

School: University of Maryland
Chapter: Kappa Sigma

Accusation: Brother sent email disparaging blacks, Asians, Indians and encouraging rape
Punishment: University opened investigation, individual suspended by frat

School: University of Oklahoma
Chapter: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Accusation: Singing a song that included the phrase, "There will never be a nigger SAE"
Punishment: Chapter disbanded, two students expelled from university

School: Cal Poly University
Chapter: N/A

Accusation: Eight people injured after roof collapses at "St. Fratty's Day" event
Punishment: None

School: North Carolina State
Chapter: Alpha Tau Omega

Accusation: Sexually assaulting a woman and dealing cocaine
Punishment: Suspended from campus

School: Syracuse University
Chapter: Nu Alpha Phi

Accusation: Forcing three pledges to do push ups in snow, one of whom almost lost multiple fingers
Punishment: Two brother arrested by local police and charged with first-degree hazing


School: University of Georgia
Chapter: Tau Kappa Epsilon

Accusation: Member accused of firing gun in air during dispute with rival fraternity
Punishment: Gregory John O'Brien arrested and charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon on school grounds and reckless conduct

School: University of Texas-Austin
Chapter: Phi Gamma Delta aka Texas Fiji

Accusation: Throwing a "border patrol" party
Punishment: None

School: Boston University
Chapter: Kappa Sigma

Accusation: Advertising pre-Christmas party using a website that, according to assistant dean of students John Battaglino, promoted "a culture of abusive behavior that openly celebrates verbal sexual coercion"
Punishment: Suspended, can apply for reinstatement July 9

School: Furman University
Chapter: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Accusation: Hazing, including "forced alcohol consumption"
Punishment: Suspended for three years

School: Clemson University
Chapter: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Accusation: Violating student organization code during fall 2014 pledging, which resulted in the death of pledge Tucker Hipps
Punishment: Suspended for five years


School: University of Michigan
Chapter: Sigma Alpha Mu

Accusation: Causing $430,000 in damages to a local ski resort
Punishment: Banned from campus for four years, forced to pay "full restitution"

School: Duke University
Chapter: Alpha Delta Phi

Accusation: Brother drugged and raped a female student
Punishment: Suspended

School: Johnson C. Smith University
Chapter: Omega Psi Phi

Accusation: Hazing
Punishment: Six brothers arrested and charged with hazing, fraternity suspended

School: Cal Poly University
Chapter: Pi Kappa Alpha, plus two other unnamed chapters

Accusation: Sexual assault
Punishment: Pi Kappa Alpha suspended six years, all fraternities on campus suspended indefinitely due to accusations of sexual assault against two other, unnamed frats

Illustration by Jim Cooke