People kept posting this Vine in the comments on posts about the grand jury's decision not to charge Darren Wilson in shooting of Michael Brown, because it seemed to them, on a horrible night in America, that it makes a sad and important point. And it does.

The point it makes is that there are people in this country so depraved that they think images of some spilled bags of chips somehow trump the slaying of an unarmed teenager. These are the descendents of the people who understood the tragedy of Do the Right Thing to be the destruction of Sal's Famous rather than the death of Radio Raheem. The sight of property damage and merchandise scattered on the floor moves them in some way that the sight of a young body left in a pool of blood in the street does not.

Thus we see the priorities of a certain segment of America. Parents, be warned: Instead of a dangerous hoodie, send your teenagers out draped in racks of Funyuns and Coke Zero, and this country will pity them and want vengeance on anyone who might harm them. If only poor Trayvon Martin had been carrying a few cases of Skittles and iced tea, rather than single portions.

So here's your Vine, so you can stop posting it. Yes, indeed, it is too bad the rioters hit this poor man's store. If only Michael Brown had been a 7-Eleven, you might have been outraged over his demise, too.