When a suburban Seattle man's sister asked him to watch her boyfriend's two-year old, he naturally agreed. And at first, it was no big deal.

"He was a great kid. He didn't cry much or anything. He enjoyed my dog's company and my children's company," John Truong told KOMO News. "Everything seemed great and then all of a sudden I'm eating breakfast and it turns out to be this."

Specifically, it turned out to be: that cute and chill two-year-old, Ronnie Tran, was not who Truong thought he was. He was someone else's baby, and Truong's sister is now accused of kidnapping him.

Police allege the sister, along with Ronnie's grandmother, tasered the boy's real mom and zip-tied her to a cabinet in a garage in Fife (another Western Washington town, consisting mainly of a smoke shop and a freeway onramp).

Ronnie's mother escaped and went to the cops, but the kidnapped child was already staying safely with an unsuspecting John Truong and his family. Truong says he didn't find out that the child napping in his bed had been kidnapped until he saw an Amber Alert for the missing boy on Facebook Wednesday.

Police say the grandmother, identified as Vien Nguyen, turned herself in at the station and they questioned her "for hours."

It's still not clear how Truong's sister became involved with the grandmother's alleged kidnap plot. Police are still investigating what they're calling a "very, very complex" case, and they haven't publicly confirmed whether Ronnie was actually the boyfriend's son. Truong seems to be under that impression.

"I feel like she was just helping her boyfriend out and just got into this horrible situation," Truong told KOMO. "We're family people, this is definitely not like this. Honestly I'm at a loss for words right now. It's just crazy."

[h/t opposingviews, photo via Ronnie's Amber Alert]