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A newborn baby in Jinhua, China is in stable condition after being cut from a small section of sewer pipe—where it had been trapped after its mother apparently flushed it down the toilet. Watch out; the video's a little graphic.

Weighing five pounds, and still attached to the placenta, the two-day-old baby was found by the building's landlord, who was examining the toilet after an apartment-dweller—said to be the infant's mother—complained of "weird noises" in the pipe, Sky News reports. Firefighters removed the section of pipe in which the baby was stuck, and took it to the hospital, where over the course of several hours doctors carefully extracted the infant.

The mother had hidden the pregnancy, and admitted that the baby was hers when questioned; it's unclear whether she dumped the baby, or if the birth was unexpected:

"We need further investigations to find out if she had any malicious intentions" before deciding whether the mother would be charged, [a policeman] added.

According to the officer: "The baby is very healthy now and can be released from the hospital."

But the mother was in a serious condition due to complications from the delivery, he added.