Axe™ is a brand of male perfume named after the tool with which most women would like to strike the young men who adorn themselves with Axe™. FYI, gentlemen, Axe™ is now about more than not getting laid.

Ad Age reports that for the first time in the history of groups of 19-year-old guys standing around together uncomfortably at bars, Axe™ is making an advertisement that is not a direct projection of a male fantasy that will never come true so long as the male in question is wearing Axe™ brand perfume spray. "Axe Gold Temptation extends the brand's most popular fragrance, Dark Temptation, launched in 2008. To back it, Axe is doing something it's never tried before — an ad that features no boy-girl interplay whatsoever."

The ad instead features dudes in a shower rubbing loofahs doused in liquid chocolate over their bodies. Okay, sure

Ladies, have you ever slept with a dude wearing Axe™ brand spray-on scent? Tell your sad story in the discussion section below, you figment of the male imagination.

[Photo: FB]