According to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, an autopsy has determined that Walter Scheib, the former White House chef whose body was discovered outside Taos this weekend, accidentally drowned.

“The New Mexico State Police conducted a standard investigation into the death of Mr. Scheib,” said the agency in a news release. “Responding officers did not observe any indication of suspicious circumstances or foul play.”

The release provided no other details about the circumstances of Schieb’s death.

The body of Scheib, who disappeared mysteriously earlier this month, was found on Sunday in a river near a Yerba Canyon trail he is believed to have hiked alone. From NBC News:

After an extensive search, rescue crews found him submerged in a mountain drainage that was flowing with runoff. He was wearing a windbreaker jacket, running pants and tennis shoes.

From 1994 until 2005, Scheib served as the White House executive chef, running the presidential kitchen under both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

[Image via AP Images//h/t NBC News]