Breanna Mitchell, the Alabama teenager who tweeted a smiling selfie (with bonus smiley emoji!) from Auschwitz Concentration Camp, appeared on TakePart Live Monday to tell Meghan McCain that she regrets nothing.

Mitchell repeated the story behind the photo—that she and her late father studied the Holocaust together, and she made a trip there in his memory on the anniversary of his death—and added that the Holocaust and World War II are "the only thing that ever interested [her] in history."

She still hasn't figured out why the photo would have offended anyone, and seems genuinely surprised that her personal story hasn't negated all the outrage directed her way.

"Honestly, I don't think I would do anything differently, because I didn't mean any harm," she said, "And, like, I told everybody my story behind it, so that's the only reason I don't regret taking it."

And why would she? She's famous, y'all. Turnnnnnn uppppppp.

[H/T Metro]