The Manhattan aunt suing her 12-year-old nephew for allegedly breaking her wrist with an enthusiastic hug on his 8th birthday has lost her case. A Connecticut jury took just 25 minutes to find in favor of the nephew Tuesday, the New York Daily News reports.

Jennifer Connell had sued young Sean Tarala for $127,000, claiming her wrist injury made it difficult to walk up the three flights of stairs to her Upper East Side apartment, and that—I am not making this up—she had trouble holding her hors d’oeuvres plate at a recent party. She said he was negligent in excitedly jumping into her arms, and a “reasonable eight-year old” would know better.

“We do not take great pleasure in bringing a minor to court,” Connell’s lawyer, William Beckert, said, according to the News, “She is not here enjoying a moment of this.”

But the jury found the case for 12-year-old Sean, whose mother died last year, more persuasive.

“Kids will be kids,” Sean’s attorney Thomas Noniewicz said, “He was an 8-year-old boy being an 8-year-old boy...Sean was not negligent.”

He added that Sean was guilty ... of wanting to give his beloved aunt a hug.

“Connell showed no emotion as the verdict was announced but later pleaded with judicial marshals to escort her to her car through a throng of media waiting outside the Main Street courthouse,” the Connecticut Post reported.

“She ignored shouts for comments as the marshals led her away.”

[Photo: Facebook via NYDN]