If anyone could save a Lifetime movie about Grumpy Cat—who is not a character with a personality, just a normal cat whose charm can be experienced in full through a still JPG—it would be delightful permanent eyeroll Aubrey Plaza, right? Aubrey Plaza definitely thinks so, not sarcastically.

"It's for everyone, really. It's a gift for America. I think people will be blown away by it, and I'm not kidding." Plaza told Jimmy Kimmel last night, with utmost sincerity.

"It's so confusing. It operates on, I think, many levels of irony. So many that I can't even tap into them all. And I think Lifetime has only really tapped into maybe one level."

The best part is that Lifetime let Plaza improvise a lot of dialogue over the pretaped Grumpy footage, and they didn't cut any of it. She says it's great (again, totally not sarcastic) as long as you've had a few glasses of wine first.

She was probably just kidding about that last part. Grumpy Cat (which, again, is a movie based on a photograph of a domestic cat) is a lock for Best Picture. It's just a shame Roger Ebert isn't alive to experience it. Really. Honestly.

[h/t Daily Dot]