Earlier this week, Kid Rock peered at his glass dildo and nodded solemnly, his eyes welling. He knew this day would one day come, but he was blindsided nonetheless. If the young blonde in his bed saw the tear roll down his cheek, she wouldn't have known why. Kid was keeping this secret deep inside: he had been notified via a subpoena that he must present the crystal clear sex toy, gifted to him by an employee of Insane Clown Posse, as evidence in a sexual harassment trial.

That trial regards the case of Andrea Pellegrini, a one-time publicist for America's foremost rapping adult clowns. According to Pellegrini, the glass dildo is one example of the sustained harassment she endured as an employee of ICP's Psychopathic Records. In her lawsuit, she alleges that she was gifted the dildo by a human named "Dirty Dan" Diamond when Diamond noticed that she had changed her relationship status on Facebook.

Pellegrini turned down the glass dildo handed to her by someone named "Dirty Dan" Diamond, as would any person. Any person, that is, except Kid Rock, who was presented with the opportunity to procure a glass dildo from someone named "Dirty Dan" Diamond and thought "Well, I can't pass this up."

Diamond admitted under oath that he verbally harassed Pellegrini at work, which is extremely surprising given that his nickname is "Dirty Dan." This might be the low point in Diamond's life, but he will always have a friend in Kid Rock.

[via SPIN / image via Getty]