If you crashed your expensive Lamborghini with no license plates and then abandoned it on a Texas highway this weekend, good news! The cops found it and they just have a couple questions, no big deal!

Cops discovered the $200,000 vehicle, which I guess I would take, you know, if no one's going to claim it, on the side of the Dallas North Tollway early Sunday morning. There were no plates on the vehicle, but an "exotic rental company" called Exotic Skittles claims it's one of theirs.

The mysterious driver reportedly smashed the car into a wall before abandoning it.

Cops say they're still unraveling the motor mystery. And yes, I have a theory, but honestly, the Dallas PD really has to show it wants my help for me to even consider getting involved.


Jalopnik spoke with Exotic Skittles, which confirmed the mystery man was a "regular," saying, "We've talked with the guy. Maybe he panicked, maybe he was with friends — I don't really know what was going on."

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