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Like we always do at this time, I've put together a montage of outlandish moments from garbagey TV this year.

This reel is over 10 minutes long, but whatever, "Too Many Cooks" was over 11 minutes and no one complained about that. (Fuck, I forgot to include "Too Many Cooks" in this reel.)

Anyway, enjoy. But even if you don't, I already did. These posts are among my favorite things I do on this site every year. A full list of sources in order follows:

Allison Williams Makes a Real Cock of Herself on Live TV

Watch Naomi Campbell Lose Her Shit, Threaten Murder While "Mentoring"

Highlights From the Insane Miss America Pageant

Is This the Worst Local Commercial of All Time?

Justin Timberlake: "I Am America"

R&B Divas: LA

Shailene Woodley's Clay-Eating Secrets Revealed

Here Is an Able-Bodied Man Who Identifies as a Man With a Disability

Little Women: LA

Watch a Juggalo Wedding Ceremony

This Woman Uses Her Hair as Floss in the Name of Thrift

Man Terrorizes Wife With Unruly Beard: A Modern American Tragedy

"Beard Weave" Is the Dumbest Thing Ever Done on ANTM, To a Human Face

Woman Bitten on Breast By Snake Says Snake Lived, Incident Was "Cute"


Human Ken Doll Views Plastic Surgery as a "Creative Outlet"

This Documentary About Men Who Dress Up Like Rubber Dolls Is Amazing


True Life: I Want Respect for My Sect (also the Juggalos episode)

Is This the Best American Horror Story Woody Woodpecker Laugh Ever?

Here Is How a Human Barbie Hypnotizes Herself To Be Brainless

Here's Jacqueline Bisset's Insane Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Oh God Mike Tyson What Are You Doing?

Who Is Adele Dazeem and Why Did Travolta Introduce Her at the Oscars?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Embarrassing True Life Will Make You Never Want To Do Molly Again

Here's Mary Matalin's Bizarre Appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher

This Woman Had "Precious," "Gentle" Sex With a Dolphin and Liked It

My Strange Criminal Addiction

Woman With Size LLL Breasts Does Horrifying "Jack-o'-Lantern" Trick

This Is What It's Like to Have a Clown-Sex Fetish

Is This the Scariest American Horror Story Scene Ever?

Shirtless Man Holding Dog Asks Out Reporter During Live Wildfire Report

America's Ugliest Accents Finally Get the Comedy Sketch They Deserve

Steve Harvey Describes How Men Territorially Piss on Women Like Dogs

Here's a Guy Who Drinks Young People's Piss So That He Can Stay Young

"Happy" Makes Pharrell Cry

The Miss America Pageant

Horny Old Ladies Describe Sex With Younger Man

Amy Schumer's Interview With a 106-Year-Old Woman Is Perfect

Judge Judy Finally Hears Case Involving Grindr

Judge Judy Learns About E-Cigarettes

Judge Judy Has No Time for Your EDM or "Raves"

Watch Parents Watching Their Kids Acting Like Fools at an EDM Festival

Judge Judy

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Here's Lindsay Lohan Chewing Out Multiple People on Her Reality Show

Here's Barbra Streisand Holding Human Hearts

Here's an Awkward Street Interview About Writer Jim Holt's Sexuality

Could Somebody Get Aretha Franklin a Working Earpiece?

Elaine Stritch Said "Fuck" on the Today Show

Total Ariana Live

News Anchor Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

Reporter Calls News Anchor Fat, Quickly Realizes Her Mic Is Still On

Game of Crowns

90 Day Fiancé

Meet the Lady Who's Addicted to Smelling and Chewing Dirty Diapers

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Watch Nicki Minaj Throw Major Shade at Iggy Azalea

Wicked Birth Mother Kate Gosselin Won't Let Her Children Win at Games

Gosselin Kid Strikes Back at Her Mom With a Silent, Riveting Interview

Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic Sequel Is Hilariously Awful

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Repeatedly Humiliate Rob Ford To His Beet-Red Face

At the End of the Day, Here Is a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Supercut

Watch Oprah Winfrey Hand Lindsay Lohan Her Ass


Woman Dresses 4-Year-Old Daughter as Hooters Waitress for Beauty

American Horror Story: Coven