According to reports, at least two people were shot on the UCLA campus, where the school is currently on lockdown while police search for the shooter.

According to KTLA, the incident began around 10 a.m. PST, when a gunman clad in a black jacket and pants fatally shot at least two victims outside of an engineering building.

The campus was placed on lockdown for at least an hour, and students are still being encouraged to shelter in place.

“Sitting under desk with door locked and lights off during my last ever class at #UCLA because of campus shooting,” one MBA student tweeted. It does appear some classrooms have been evacuated.

Aerial reports indicate a wide range of law enforcement on campus, with officers from UCLA campus police, the LAPD, the LAFD, the ATF, and SWAT all responding. The city of Los Angeles has also reportedly been placed on a citywide tactical alert.

It’s not clear what the status of the gunman is, though Gigi Graciette, a reporter for the local Fox 11 news affiliate, reports a suicide note was found near the two victims.


According to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, the gunman is dead and police believe the attack was a murder-suicide.

Although initial reports indicated there were two shooting victims, police say one of the so-called victims was actually the gunman, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.